EemsWerken is a professional, highly committed Dutch shipping company with a clear competitive no-nonsense attitude. EemsWerken delivers the right service within the right timeframe with the right people against the best conditions, even in challenging circumstances! We strive to give you the best support necessary against the best cost, worldwide. We treasure our strong client relationships. EemsWerken is a leader in expert knowledge on sea to river operations. Our modern and versatile fleet sails from large oceans and ports to shallow waters with limited draught and air draught, transporting a variety of goods, from break-bulk to wind energy equipment. Next to Sea River Shipping and Offshore Dredging and Support we also offer full service Ship Delivery, customized to your needs.


Quality is part of our DNA. Our crew, vessels and office staff all breathe quality. Continuous improvement, compliance with regulations are not regarded a paper system but as a living, ongoing process. Safety awareness, training and environmental care are part of our everyday practice. A strong commitment and compliance to our customer demands as well as to ISPS, IMO and other governmental regulations is of utmost importance to EemsWerken. With our well trained staff and highly professional Star Fleet Management System we actively carry out, maintain and improve our QHSE policy.


Our fleet is built, maintained and operated according to the highest standards. Vetting inspection by our customers can be carried out anytime without any problems and/or further delay.


EemsWerken works according to the highest standards and according to your requirements. We maintain an ongoing good cooperation with our customer to safeguard the entire transportation process. We are proud to work according to the well-known Dutch hands-on mentality and service. We offer you a 24/7 high service standard.


Beach Project Eems

Dike Reinforcement Ameland

July 6, 2016. For a few months our MV Eems Spring is loading ground/sand from Harlingen to Ameland for Waddenzee dike reinforcement.

Beach Project Eems

Beach project DC Eems

May 20, 2016. DC Eems will carry 100.000 tonnes of Sahara sand from Morocco, Laayoune to Las Palmas. This beach project will take approx. 4 months.


Eddy 1

Ship Delivery Holland Shipyards

Holland Shipyards requested to organize a ship delivery from the Netherlands to Curaçao of ‘Eddy 1’, 30,30 m length and 65 tonnes Bollard pull. All aspects were mastered: cleaning, installing, provisioning, bunkering, all preparations to be ready to go to sea. Due to excellent communication, co-ordination, contacts and skilled crew, the ship was safely delivered in Willemstad (Curacao) with a stop in the Azores. We would like to thank Holland Shipyards for the assignment. We are always open for new challenges.

Eems Sun

Eems Sun, Sand transport from Nice to Fos-sur-Mer

The municipality of Nice requested the transportation of sand. Nice was preparing a building area to construct a subway station. All the materials, such as sand and stone, were removed. MV Eems Sun took care of the transportation from Nice to Fos-sur-Mer.

Eems Sun Copenhagen

Sustainable transport Copenhagen

The city of Copenhagen required the most green method to transport sand from Copenhagen to Køge to minimize its carbon footprint. The sand was removed from an area where underground parking lots were to be built. The wet sand was loaded onto the green ship and unloaded in Køge


Ship Delivery Celestine Hardinxveld – Gabon

The landing craft vessel Celestine, built with class coastal waters tropical zone to 20 NM was delivered from Holland Shipyards to its local owner in Gabon. We took care of ISM management, crew, permits for single voyage, provisions, equipment, voyage planning, online weather info onboard and 24/7 monitoring. In Gabon the Celestine was handed over to the local owner and its crew.

Eems Solar

Eems Solar, river-sea transport Sierra Leone, transport of iron ore during Ebola crisis

In Africa’s worst episode of the Ebola crisis, our MV Eems Solar provided transport of iron ore from the smallest inland rivers onto the Sea. At sea, the iron was transshipped to large bulk carriers. This special project required extreme safety and health measures regarding provided medicines, drinking water and food. A hospital, company airplane and ambulance were on standby. Specialized care rooms were readily available in France.

Dutch Blue

Ship delivery new build tug boat and new built pontoon barge with hulls, China – Flushing

The tug/support vessel Dutch Blue arrived in the Netherlands for the first time, towing the pontoon barge NP 328 loaded with six hulls for inland waterways from Batam in Indonesia. The tug was built in China at the MLC TongBao shipyard on the shores of the Yangtze river under ABS class rules and for operation under the Dutch flag. Dutch Blue is a 52.08m long versatile vessel with a breadth of 13.20m and design draft of 4.50m with the configuration of a relatively small anchor handling tug supply vessel.

Dutch Blue left Batam on her maiden voyage with pontoon NP 328 and its deck cargo bound for Rotterdam via Mauritius, sailing around the Cape of Good Hope and making a call in Tema, Ghana, for bunkers and stores. We took care of all services needed for this maiden voyage including equipment, ISM compliance, crew, voyage planning, bunkering, agents, office support, immigration services, provisions and technical operations.



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